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Long time no journal... Life has been a bit crazy lately, but... >.> urg... I will get back to fic writing eventually. I need a root canal so some of my extra TF toys have to go. So... here's a list of sale toys. All toys are being sold in the Toronto/Mississauga area of Ontario, and need to be picked up in person.

EDIT: I can do paypal now as long as the shipping isn't too high. Edit 2: Shipping to the US starts at $17

Edit 3: Since I really need the money... anything over $20 is now $10 off. So $30 is now $20 and so on.

If you really want a toy and you're from somewhere else... um... I'm willing to try and work something out, but the shipping will likely be insane. All comments are screened here, so if you don't have an account on DW you can leave contact info in a comment for me to reach you without worrying about posting your info publicly.

I do have more toys to try and sell... I just have to dig them out of the storage closet...

Also sorry about the quality in the second photo... I'll try and retake that later >.<

Prices in Canadian dollars and can be negotiated some since I'm not sure what they are worth... >.< E-bay and price guide books only go so far.
1. $60
2. $15
3. $15
4. $30
5. $15
6. $15
7. $15
8. $30
9. $60
10. First Edition Prime Arcee $45
11. Animated Prowl $50
12. First Edition Prime Cliffjumper $60
13. Autobot Drift $30 Sold
14. Animated Autobot Jazz $30
15. Animated Autobot Ratchet $30
16. Animated Cybertronian Ratchet $40
17. Animated Freeway Jazz $30  Sold
18. $80
19. $80
20. $80
21. $50
22. $30
23. $70


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