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A Transformers AU fic about some sort of 'sparked pet' in an adoption center. I had no idea where I was going with this, but I have picked up a couple of ideas... It's very incomplete and may not be completed... but here it is anyways.

She sat by the window looking out and waiting. Waiting for him to come back, waiting for him to keep his promise, waiting for a home... The first week she sat there optics bright and ears perked, tail wagging in hope every time the door opened...

Week two had dimmed her excitement a bit, but she still sat by the window and waited, sure he would come.

Week four, she lay by the window and worried. He promised to come, promised her a home.... He was coming, she was sure of it. She stopped wagging her tail at the sound of the door, but her ears still came to full alert.

Week six, she spent all her time staring out the window. The staff had to forcibly pull her away from the window to refuel and recharge, but she was right back at that window as soon as she was able.

Week nine, the staff at the adoption center had given up on trying to pull her from the window and had started leaving her cubes next to her. He was going to come.... he had to, he promised. Her ears stopped perking at the door by this point.

Week thirteen, she stopped refueling and just stared out the window with a hurt and betrayed look on her face. Had she done something wrong? Why hadn't he come for her like he promised? It was a fight every step of the way to get her to even ingest a small amount of energon, and finally the staff just gave up. Her optics began to loose that bright shine as she stared out at the street with a lost look.

Week fourteen saw her slowly becoming weaker, but never leaving her vigil by the window. No one else had ever bothered to give her a second glance before him, and no one had seen fit to look at her since. He had taken her home as a 'trial' and she had done everything she could for him, tried to be her absolute best. He said she was a good girl, he had promised to come back... She believed him... until he walked past the window without a second glance at her.

She saw him and she had pressed her paws to the window, tail wagging, ears perked and looking happier than she had since he left.... Only to feel the bitter sting of hurt and betrayal as he didn't even look in her direction. He just kept walking even as she let out a pitiful whimper, she followed him all the way along the window as he walked past until she slammed into the opposite wall.

Week seventeen saw her beautiful blue armor begin to dull and while she had not yet hit the point of no return, she was slipping further and further towards offlineing. He hadn't come back... he lied... he didn't care for her... Nobody cared for her, nobody wanted her, she thought she had finally found someone, found a home... she had been wrong.

By this point the staff couldn't even get her up from her spot at the opposite side of the window from where she had been before. When she hit that wall, something inside her broke. It was nothing physical that was damaged, but something in her spark snapped, she just couldn't bring herself to care anymore.

She just lay down next to where she had hit the wall, pressed her nose to the glass and stared out of the window with a vacant expression on her face and a blank look in her optics. Why should she even bother trying to look happy? Nobody wanted her, that was painfully obvious. Even as a pup, she had been passed by... who would want her now? The hurt slowly gave way to dull indifference as even the die hard staff that had been forcing her to fuel had stopped, instead the just tried to keep her comfortable. Why force her to fuel and prolong her suffering when it was obvious she was determined to offline?

The voices of people talking near her didn't even stir her attention, nor did the hand that gently stroked her helm and ears... She was beyond caring at this point, lost in her own world of hurt and betrayal.

“Why is this one in such horrible shape... surely if she's sick you....”
“.... Sadly there is nothing we can do for a broken spark... we've done all we can...”
“Look... we've done everything that we possibly can. If you want to try, go ahead... but it's not going to make a difference. She has a little less than a week at the rate she's degrading.”

She didn't care about the gentle petting, the careful handling as she was carried away from the window, nor the quiet voice that tried to reassure her... she just continued to stare blankly into nothingness.

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Awwwwwww ='< *snuggles her*


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