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Slave based AU fic. No smut but forms of abuse mentioned... General content warning. I don't think it deserves an M/R rating... but, it should be read with caution. Work in progress, no beta.

She looked out from the cage, pressed her hands against the bars as she sighed and looked longingly out at the sky just outside of the window. So close, yet so far. Freedom... it was something she had dreamed about for years, but as a slave and a pet, she knew that she'd never have it.

Songwind sighed and fingered the silver collar on her neck, the matching cuffs and bangles on her wrists jingling as she let her hands drop to her sides, wings drooping sadly. While she knew she had it good here, she was literally a bird in a gilded cage. Her midnight blue paint was sparkly and well cared for, her wings and thrusters in perfect shape, she'd never been beaten or struck... but...

Her entire world consisted of the small silver cage she'd been placed in. Moving to the perch hanging in the centre of the cage, she sat there and waited. It was sad, but the highlight of her day was being forced to sing for her fuel. Having a pretty voice was both a blessing and a curse.

If she had been a free femme, she would have made a fortune with her singing. As a slave and a pet however, it was what kept her prisoner. Songwind was tired and yet she was restless. She wanted to do something, anything... longed to see what was beyond her cage, to fly... to be free. Her voice kept her from being abused physically, but mentally was another story.

Not being allowed out of her cage and not allowed anything as entertainment for herself... it was torture. She turned her frustrations and longing into music and song out of pure desperation. Without her music, Songwind would have gone crazy long ago.

Her master was having a party in a week, and she counted the visits in anticipation. His parties were the only thing that kept her going. She might be trapped in a cage and forced to sing, even show herself off as entertainment, but she got to see and hear new things.

Sometimes her master would get overcharged and forget to suspend her cage from the ceiling after a performance. When that happened, sometimes people would slip her treats or even talk to her. She longed for that so badly. They might be overcharged and a bit unbalanced, but it was something new, different, a break from the dull life she was forced to live.

Swinging back and fourth on the perch, she sung a quiet, wordless melody of longing and loneliness, hanging her head as she tried not to sob. It was an awful thing when it took you less than two minuets to walk the perimeter of your living space and the only contact that you get is once a day for fuel... and to be made to sing for it.

Finally she went quiet and sighed again as she looked towards the door where her owner would enter the room from. He was late... it figured. Other than her voice, she held no interest for him. It wouldn't be the first time she'd been without fuel for a day or two because he'd forgotten about her needing to be fed.

Getting up from the perch, she wandered over to the only items she was permitted to have... cleaning supplies. Picking up a soft cloth Songwind started to clean and polish her armour again, just for something to do as she tried to ignore her nearly empty tank.

Finished polishing herself, she watched the door as hours passed and she finally stopped watching knowing that once again she'd been forgotten about. With nothing to do, an empty tank and systems alerts flashing at her to conserve her energy, Songwind curled up on the small sleeping pad in the cage and tried to rest.

Unfortunately she had been right about him forgetting about feeding her, and it was two days before she would get fuel again. She was so hungry that her voice wavered a little when she sang, and little did she know that voice waver was going to change everything.

Songwind still got her fuel from him, but he looked at her with a calculating gaze. Her master only wanted her for her voice and as long as it was, in his mind, perfect he would keep her. He had been offered plenty of credits for her over the years and he'd turned them all down. Now however, that waver in her voice made him think she was finally 'wearing out' her voice and perhaps he should consider selling her.

It was doing nothing of the sort since it was lack of fuel causing the odd resonance, but he was never the most stable of mechs mentally to begin with and once he made his mind up there was little chance of changing it.


The party was another big one and much to Songwind's surprise, her cage wasn't put back up near the ceiling again after her performance. Her master wasn't drunk, so she knew something was going on... but what, she wasn't sure. It made her nervous, but the chance for some socialization was something she couldn't resist.

Having people pay attention to her, not sneaking up to her when they thought nobody was looking, was a new thing and it quickly lost it's appeal. She'd never had this much attention before and it frightened her. They were loud and stared at her, she didn't like it. All she wanted to do was hide, but in her gilded birdcage there was nowhere to escape to.

She sat on the perch in the middle of the cage, trying not to look upset or frightened as she was. Songwind tried to calm herself with a quiet melody, just warbling to herself while swinging back and fourth, mentally attempting to block out the staring and noise.

Her little tune was quiet, but it held hints of fear and panic, causing one of the largest mechs in the room to look in her direction. He was far from handsome, in fact he was rather hideous to look at, even frightening... having the name of Grotusque seemed to be quite fitting. However, despite appearances he was a rather kind mech... Well to do also.

He spent a few minuets watching the little femme looking like she was trying desperately to hide, but with nowhere to go, she had to stay. He could laugh off a lot of things, but watching the little flier femme being looked at like a choice treat... was not one of them. It took him less than a minuet for him to decide to go speak to her owner, he'd not let this go on.

Songwind could almost feel somebody watching her and she turned her head just in time to see the scariest mech she'd ever seen turn from looking at her, only to go approach her master. She shook a little in fear, wrist bangles chiming as her arms trembled. Master had turned down lots of offers to buy her before... surely he wouldn't sell her to a monster... right?

It wasn't long after that when Songwind got a reprieve from the crowds and the noise as her cage was hoisted up towards the ceiling again. She let out a sigh of pure relief and went to curl up on her sleeping pad for just a little while... but is soon in a deep recharge, her body trying to conserve what little fuel she had.

The party had been over for hours when the movement of her cage and the sound of her master's voice brought her to awareness. Songwind was very confused as she heard him speaking... but it wasn't to her.

“She's all yours, it's been a pleasure doing business with you.” Her optics widened in surprise and fear as the cage reached the ground in just enough time for her to see her master leave the room... and the monstrous mech from earlier walk towards her cage. She warbled softly, nearly whimpering as she scooted to the far back of the cage in an attempt to get as far from him as possible. Not that her retreat does much good, since the cage is so small that it's less than four steps to the back and she curled up as best she could, whimpering as the huge mech opened the door to her cage.

Grotusque looked at her and felt just awful about making her so frightened as he kneeled down and unlocked the door. Seeing her retreat to the back of the cage where she curled up and started whimpering... it felt like his spark was breaking. He knew that he was ugly but to see her so afraid... his usual cheerful, jokey attitude wouldn't help here...

“Shhhh... It's alright. I'm not going to hurt you... shhh...” He tried to keep his voice gentle as he crouched next to the door of the cage, hoping he could sooth her a little... but it didn't seem to be helping. She whimpered and warbled a little, then looked at him with panic filled optics, before dropping into stasis.

Watching the mech by the cage door, it was all she could do to try and stay calm... but it was quickly too much stress for her systems to handle and she dropped into stasis lock. Her last thought of the moment was one of pure terror, her panic filled processor fixated on his appearance.

Seeing her just go limp made him panic just a little and he reached into the cage, carefully to scoop her up into his arms and check on her. She seemed to be alright physically, but he was already planning to call a medic to check her over.

Cradling her in his arms, he couldn't help but marvel at just how small she was. Sure he was big, but she looked so tiny and vulnerable in his arms. Seekers were normally fairly large... but she was so small... perhaps the smallest there was, only the size of a mini bot.

He stroked her helm gently and settled her against his chest. Watching her for a long moment, when he was sure she wouldn't be waking for a while, carried her limp form out to his transport to take her home. Grotusque hoped that maybe letting her rest through the trip would be less stressful for her...
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