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2015-07-06 06:51 am
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Been a while since I posted anything here...

Yeah, I've been gone quite awhile huh? Nothing much to say really, and I doubt anyone is still reading this but oh well. I haven't quit writing, just haven't had the spoons to try and post anything. It's all disjointed ramblings and stuff that even I can hardly make sense of. One of these days I'll post something again, just have to find someone to resurrect my self confidence and pride...

Anyone got the number of a good necromancer?
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2013-10-25 10:15 am
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2013-07-10 11:10 pm
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Discovered Flight Rising

So I found out about and made an account there. XD

Putting a list of my breeding pairs (or that soon will be) here before I go insane because the lair keeps reorganizing itself...




Also started naming dragons after Transformers characters...

Case in point... Moonracer here... XD

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2013-07-07 08:00 pm
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Untilted Fic in progress

Slave based AU fic. No smut but forms of abuse mentioned... General content warning. I don't think it deserves an M/R rating... but, it should be read with caution. Work in progress, no beta.

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2013-05-28 06:12 pm
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Doing a lot of Pokemon stuff lately...

So I've been on a Pokemon fusion kick lately... so here are a bunch of them. Images are below the cut. Hope you like.See the pictures... )
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2013-05-26 02:41 pm
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Because I could...

Put Arcee in a dress... Why? Because I could... XD

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2013-05-26 02:33 pm
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I have no idea why...

Playing around with the Pokemon fusion generator... Got this http://pokemon.alexonsager.net/101/113 Had to give it a shot at drawing it. Time to draw: about 20 min. Used a mouse... Never gonna do that again. I'll pull out my tablet next time.

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2013-04-19 07:28 pm
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Even more icons (He-Man)

Yet even more icons.
Screen captures were done by Abi [personal profile]
whitescalesbigmouth Icons made by me [personal profile] oomm_backin5

As usual, use em if you want, just give credit :3

Icons below cut... )
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2013-04-19 09:42 am
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and some more icons

And some more icons. Feel fee to use, just please credit.

Transformers Prime

The Princess and the Frog

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2013-04-18 09:18 pm
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Made some icons...

Feel free to use these, but please credit me.

Prime Wheeljack
Lady (From Lady and the Tramp)

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2013-03-02 02:44 pm

Fic writing on my new muse RP journal

So, life has been rather hectic and I haven't been doing very much writing wise... but I made a journal for the characters running around in my head, mostly OCs that I want to rp... and I tossed a bio and mini history fic bit up over here. for one of them.

It's not Transformers, it's not even a real story yet, if ever... but it's been so long since I updated here I thought I would share...

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2013-01-11 03:48 am
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An idea I can't get the heck out of my brain...

The idea? A pair of TFs, henceforth to be known as A & B, being turned into (still mechanical?) animals...
A is pred, B is prey... A wants cuddles, but B just wants to get as far away from A as possible... Needless to say there is chasing, fear, and panic... ending in snuggles....

It's pure and utter crack... but damn it all... I wanna do something with it... -_-;;

/facepalm... I dun wanna fic it though... I have enough unfinished fics on the go... granted... I do kinda want to rp it...
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2012-12-11 11:29 pm
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Yes, another fic... Warning, it's unfinished and rather depressing...

A Transformers AU fic about some sort of 'sparked pet' in an adoption center. I had no idea where I was going with this, but I have picked up a couple of ideas... It's very incomplete and may not be completed... but here it is anyways.

Abandoned and alone... )
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2012-08-17 12:55 am
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Oh look, I'm not dead... Just very busy...

Well, it's been awhile... but I'm going to try and start updating again.

I have a couple of new fics in the works, but I haven't abandoned any of the other ones yet. I'm just having some writers block.
All of my fics will likely be posted here from now on, so if you are here from fanfiction.net please be aware of this.

Other than that I have no more news, so see you later... Hopefully with something new to post.
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2012-07-13 12:16 am
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Well... Updating Livejournal is becoming a chore... Still going to be on DW though...

No, I'm not dead, just very, very busy. Between moving and writers block, I haven't done much writing or art lately.

I'm likely giving up on Livejournal... I held out a long time... but... It's just not working for me anymore... Between the lag, outages and times I just can't post anything... I've had enough... I'm afraid I'm going to be abandoning this journal and updating on Dreamwith now... Here's my journal over there.

I'm so sorry to anyone who reads my stuff over here... I just can't deal with the mess anymore...