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So, life has been rather hectic and I haven't been doing very much writing wise... but I made a journal for the characters running around in my head, mostly OCs that I want to rp... and I tossed a bio and mini history fic bit up over here. for one of them.

It's not Transformers, it's not even a real story yet, if ever... but it's been so long since I updated here I thought I would share...

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Well, I thought after I drew Jazz as a cat, that would be the end of it.... I should really know better.

First it was Optimus, then Bee, and finally Jazz and Prowl....

Optmius Purrime
Optimus Purrime

Kitty Bee
Kitty Bee

Kitty Jazz and Kitty Prowl
And the in progress sketch of the Jazz and Prowl kitties being cute. Awww....
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Well, Jazz decided to invade and take over my sketchbook... So have some pictures of Jazz as a Cat.
Click thumbnails for full sized pic.

Images under cut )

What does Jazz think of this? well...
Jazz: "Ah said ah'm a cool cat, not tha' I wanted to be one." (And damn, I just got slammed with yet another plot bunny...)

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I should be sleeping, but instead I'm posting this.

I have no idea where this came from, but it's Bay-verse based with G1 influences. As far as the setting goes, the fic is set after the 07 movie and ignores the others. Cybertronians are public knowledge, and the Autobots have an embassy/base that is public. Jazz is alive/resurrected, and G1 characters make appearances. I have no idea if there is going to be any more of this.

Untitled Fic/Annabelle as a teenager.
Read it here. )


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