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Well, Jazz decided to invade and take over my sketchbook... So have some pictures of Jazz as a Cat.
Click thumbnails for full sized pic.

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What does Jazz think of this? well...
Jazz: "Ah said ah'm a cool cat, not tha' I wanted to be one." (And damn, I just got slammed with yet another plot bunny...)

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Well, it looks like I have insomnia... again... Oh well. I come up with some of my better stuff at 3am...
I'm not sure if this qualifies though. I had an idea for smile/mood icons, and attempted to sketch them out.

Here is the rough sketch for my Jazz and Prowl icons. Not the best sketch I've ever done, but I like the way Jazz turned out... Prowl... eh... needs work.

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Also posted at prowlxjazz
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I have a HUGE collection of Transformers toys, and when I came home today... well.
My dad decided to be a smart-ass and move a couple of them. I just had to laugh at this. He thinks I'm nuts for collecting them, but yet he managed to transform Jazz from car mode, and also do this...

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I'm not sure if I should be proud that I managed to get him interested enough to do this... or worried that he might start wanting to read my fanfiction... But I just had to use it for my writing icon.


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