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Playing around with the Pokemon fusion generator... Got this http://pokemon.alexonsager.net/101/113 Had to give it a shot at drawing it. Time to draw: about 20 min. Used a mouse... Never gonna do that again. I'll pull out my tablet next time.

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Yet even more icons.
Screen captures were done by Abi [personal profile]
whitescalesbigmouth Icons made by me [personal profile] oomm_backin5

As usual, use em if you want, just give credit :3

Icons below cut... )
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And some more icons. Feel fee to use, just please credit.

Transformers Prime

The Princess and the Frog

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Feel free to use these, but please credit me.

Prime Wheeljack
Lady (From Lady and the Tramp)

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So, life has been rather hectic and I haven't been doing very much writing wise... but I made a journal for the characters running around in my head, mostly OCs that I want to rp... and I tossed a bio and mini history fic bit up over here. for one of them.

It's not Transformers, it's not even a real story yet, if ever... but it's been so long since I updated here I thought I would share...

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Well, it's been awhile... but I'm going to try and start updating again.

I have a couple of new fics in the works, but I haven't abandoned any of the other ones yet. I'm just having some writers block.
All of my fics will likely be posted here from now on, so if you are here from fanfiction.net please be aware of this.

Other than that I have no more news, so see you later... Hopefully with something new to post.
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Gah. Wall of text anyone? I just realized how badly the formatting is F***** on my fic posts...
Sigh. Things will be fixed over the next couple of days.... Sorry to anyone killing their eyes trying to read the fics.
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I have a HUGE collection of Transformers toys, and when I came home today... well.
My dad decided to be a smart-ass and move a couple of them. I just had to laugh at this. He thinks I'm nuts for collecting them, but yet he managed to transform Jazz from car mode, and also do this...

Picture below cut )

I'm not sure if I should be proud that I managed to get him interested enough to do this... or worried that he might start wanting to read my fanfiction... But I just had to use it for my writing icon.
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So uh, yeah. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to be putting here, but I'm sure I'll find something. Probably my writers block breakers and things unrelated to my TF fics on ff.net, but you never know.


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